How to Establish a Wedding Budget

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Let’s Talk Wedding Budget!

Scenario: You are a first-time bride. You’ve never planned a wedding before and not quite sure where to begin. You start getting quotes, but you are floored by how much everything costs. The sticker shock is real and you start wondering if you really even need to feed your guests. You may even think that every wedding vendor is out to rob you blind.

So, how can you, as a first time bride, navigate this crazy unknown world of wedding planning?

First: Establish an overall wedding budget.

But, you’re new to the wedding world, so how do you do this without wedding planning experience? A great rule of thumb I’ve seen from other planners is Guest Count x $250. TBH, that math is pretty spot-on. So, if you’re having 100 guests, you would budget $25,000. (which is about the average cost of a wedding).

Next: Figure out your priorities.

Are you a foodie who wants tapas and stations and to wow your guests with your cuisine?

Do you just want to give them something to eat while they ooh and ahh over your gorgeous floral installations?

Maybe you don’t care about either of those and you just want to have a party and dance the night away with your girls and your groom.

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Either way, figure out your top vendors. That will come in handy for the next step.

Finally: Itemize your budget.

So, how do you know what you should spend for each vendor? You don’t want to blow your budget on one vendor, especially if it’s not a high-priority service for you. Every wedding is different, and priorities will be different for every bride; however, based on a budget of $25k, here’s a snapshot are some generic expectations on your wedding spending.

Budget Snapshot.PNG

Since you’ve figured out your priorities, you can tweak the percentages to customize your own dream wedding. Fortunately, there are enough vendors in this industry to find what you need at the price you need.

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Happy Planning!

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